Decorative and Functional Tableware

I trained primarily in Fine Art, at Cardiff school of art, and followed on to a Printmaking postgraduate and MA course at Wimbledon school of art from 1991 - 1994.

In 2013 I began working with clay - a medium that I had been interested to try for a long time. Since then, I continually refine and develop my work's form, colour and texture in an ongoing process to achieve a balance between beauty and functionality.

I usually hand-build my pieces, using stoneware clay. All of my objects are decorative and functional and due to the nature of slab-building, everything is unique.

The fluidity of the clay inspires the textures I create; undulating curves that resemble woodgrain or rippled wet sand and I gravitate towards muted, calm shades such as matt white, jade green and pale blue. I enjoy the sense of tranquility and quiet elegance that they emit. Sometimes I leave areas unglazed altogether, exposing the clays natural sandy colour. My aim is to start making my own glazes in my studio and am particularly keen to develop different satin whites.

Texture, form and colour all play an important part in each piece. I make my texture using coiled wires to slice through slabs of clay carving out beautiful, intricate lines in the process. These lines give each piece the character that I hope make you as happy as they do me.

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